When to re-roof? Life expectancy and tips for extending it .

When to re-roof? Life expectancy and tips for extending it .When to re-roof? Life expectancy and tips for extending it . A roof is a big expense. But between a roof in good condition that saves you money on heating and a roof in bad condition that causes water damage and other major problems, the choice is easy!

So when should you re-roof? Here are some clues.

Your roof shows signs of damage

A simple visual observation of your roof can tell you a lot about its condition. Check for wavy, raised, broken or cracked shingles. Also check to see if the protective granules on the shingles are loose or in place. Flashings should also be checked for cracks.
Your shingle roof is 14 to 20 years old

Between 14 and 20 years is the life expectancy of your asphalt shingle roof. From the 14th year on, check its condition annually as well as its waterproofing. Call a professional roofer if necessary.
Some tips to extend the life of your roof

Have your roof inspected annually?

Remove debris from your roof a few times a year (branches, leaves, lichen moss, etc.).
Make sure your eavestroughs are clear to allow water to drain properly.
Be on the lookout for signs of seepage to prevent damage and inconvenience.
If you are replacing your roof shingles, opt for fiberglass shingles which are much more resistant than your current organic-based shingles. This will easily double the life expectancy of your roof.

Still, wondering when to re-roof? Ask us for a free quote and one of our expert roofers will come to your home to analyze the situation.

These precautions will allow you to keep your roof in good condition as long as possible, and to immediately spot the signs of a problem with your roof. Some of the signs to look for include

Checking your roof for missing tiles and slates,
Make sure there is no water seepage or leakage,
Also watch for moss or lichen on the tiles,
Make sure that the hooks of the slates are not oxidized, that the tiles are not wavy or that your zinc roofing is not rough. These are signs that a change is needed.

Before proceeding with the re-roofing, a specialist must examine the structure in order to propose the most appropriate solutions.

When to re-roof? Life expectancy and tips for extending it . Vannes couvreur . When to re-roof? Life expectancy and tips for extending it .


Why and when to re-roof?

Why and when to re-roof?

Why and when to re-roof? Re-roofing involves important work. Why should you have your roof redone? When to start the work? If it is recommended to renovate a roof every 30 years, some repairs or small works can be done more often, in order to preserve the roof.

Why and when to re-roof ?

There are many reasons to re-roof and they depend specifically on your situation.

It may be necessary to re-roof when your roof has suffered significant damage, or when recurring problems cannot be solved by a simple repair.

You may also choose to re-roof to improve your quality of life, including using more environmentally friendly materials and providing better thermal insulation. Renovating your roof is also an opportunity to completely change its visual aspect and give your house a different look (in compliance with local standards), changing the tiles or gutters for example.
It also allows increasing its market value.

In any case, before you take the plunge, the re-roofing must be carefully studied according to your project, your budget and the specificities of your roof.

Why and when to re-roof? When to re-roof or renovate a roof?

It is important to check your roof at least once a year, and after each major weather event. Ask for a regular visit from a roofer depending on the age of your roof:

Every 10 years for a roof that is ten years old or less,
Every 2 years for a roof that is 20 years old,
Every year for a 40-year-old roof.

These precautions will allow you to keep your roof in good condition as long as possible, and to immediately spot the signs of a problem with your roof. Some of the signs to look for include

Checking your roof for missing tiles and slates,
Make sure there is no water seepage or leakage,
Also, watch for moss or lichen on the tiles,
Make sure that the hooks of the slates are not oxidized, that the tiles are not wavy, or that your zinc roofing is not rough. These are signs that a change is needed.

Before proceeding with the re-roofing, a specialist must examine the structure in order to propose the most appropriate solutions.

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Slate Roof Tiles

Slate Roof Tiles Vancouver roofer

Slate Roof Tiles Slate roofing tile is a wonderful look for any home. Slate is a natural stone, and it is one of the best roofing tile mediums available. The look of Slate roofing tile is exceptional and some of the most famous houses in America are adorned with Slate roofing tile. Many historical homes have Slate roofing tiles, and this makes it even more alluring to homeowners. For those who are investing in an old home, and want to remodel but keep its original look, slate roofing tiles are a must.

Slate Roofing Tiles: The Look of Elegance

Slate roofing tiles will give any home a look of elegance and a touch of class, says Roofing Vancouver . Slate roofing tiles come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and details. Choosing to add Slate roofing tiles to your roof should be a matter of serious thought and decision. You will want to browse the various styles and choose the color and texture slate that feels best for you. You should do your homework before deciding upon Slate roofing tile.

If you aren’t that experienced with roofing materials, you should find a contractor who has great references and is a licensed contractor. By working with a professional, you can have all of your questions answered ahead of time, and feel more competent that you are making the best tiling decision for your roof. Don’t hesitate to look up information for yourself either.

Feel free to browse through the Internet or resources at your local library to help you decide which Slate roofing tile options are best for you. If you know someone who has had their roof redone, then ask them for recommendations, tells Logiciels Impression 3D . The colors of Slate roofing tiles vary and they can be spectacular.

The effect and enhancement that Slate roofing tiles will add to your house will not only make it more beautiful, but it will increase your home value as well. You should look for contractors like Couvreur Caen who will offer you a free estimate before you make a final decision. Make sure that you verify with the contractor that the estimate will be free.


Algae Resistant Roof Shingles

Algae Resistant Roof Shingles

Algae Resistant Roof Shingles  Many of today’s top shingle manufacturers offer such shingles, which can be installed by a local roofing contractor. They have access to a wide variety of products, including shingles with attractive colors to compliment your home.

Many homeowners are burdened with unwelcome house guests every year. It’s not the kind of guests that you’re thinking of, however, as this guest doesn’t enter the home. It invites itself to sit on your roof and causes unsightly discoloration. It’s algae and it affects a lot of homeowners, particularly those who live in areas of high humidity. Algae, however, doesn’t discriminate against those who don’t live in highly humid climates, explains Lexington Roofing . It will attach to any roof and can be carried through wind, squirrels, birds, etc.

The Copper Concept

The concept behind algae resistant roof shingles is actually quite simple. Copper, which is the main ingredient in this new innovation of shingles, stops algae before it attaches to your home. Homeowners can now purchase shingles that have copper built directly into the colored granules. The copper isn’t visible, but its presence is certainly felt by unsuspecting algae as it is unable to survive on your roof‘s surface. With the use of these new products, your entire roof becomes an unwelcoming host to algae. Expectedly, these shingles will cost a few extra bucks but are well worth the extra cost when you factor the expense of algae removal. The copper or zinc present in algae-resistant shingles are activated further by rain, which distributes the algae fighting components even further along the roof’s surface. Rain generally promotes moisture on the roof, which serves as a breeding ground for algae. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case thanks to algae-resistant roof shingles.

Manufacturers Of Algae Resistant Roof Shingles

Many of today’s top shingle manufacturers offer algae-resistant roof shingles, which can be installed by a local roofing contractor. They have access to a wide variety of products, including shingles with attractive colors to compliment your home. A roofing contractor normally gets a discount on these items and, in turn, may be able to pass those savings onto the customer. In many cases, warranties are even offered to cover algae-resistant shingles, tells Code Postal Toulouse. Always choose a company that stands behind their product.

Locating A Professional

A professional roofing contractor in your area will be able to order, and install, your choice of algae resistant roof shingles. After locating the perfect contractor, ask them for a quote and an expected timeframe. It may be a good idea to get several quotes from different contractors before making a final decision. Knowing that your roof is protected, from unwanted algae, will give you greater peace of mind and allow your home to remain beautiful and fungus-free.


Installing Cedar Roof Shingles

Installing Cedar Roof Shingles roofing company Tucson

Installing Cedar Roof Shingles  When installing cedar roof shingles, homeowner’s may sometimes be able to place the new cedar shingles over existing roofing material. Cedar shingles are durable and may resist insect damage. Cedar shingles are smooth and provide the home with a rustic appearance.

Before you begin, make sure that you have chosen a fair-weather day, tells Tucson Roofing . Avoid installing cedar roof shingles, or any other roofing material, if it is raining. Begin installation at the bottom and work your way to the top.

Steps to installing cedar roof shingles

First, apply building paper to the entire roof deck. When placing the first shingle onto the structure, take special care to ensure that the thick end of the shingle is pointing down toward the ground. When installing cedar roof shingles, it’s advisable to use 2 rust-resistant nails per shingle. Make sure that the nail is placed 4″ up from the thick of the shingle and 1″ from each side. Wood naturally expands from moisture and, when installing cedar roofing shingles, each shingle should have up to a ¼” gap between itself and the neighboring shingles. With each shingle added, make sure that each line up properly with its neighbor. If you should have an excess piece of shingle on one end of the roof, trim it to fit.

The next row of cedar shingles will be placed above the first row. To ensure that each lines up properly, use chalk to draw a line signifying their placement. This should be a straight line atop the already placed cedar shingles. Install the 2nd row of shingles following the same steps as above, taking care to align each one horizontally. Continue each row of shingles atop the previous one as outlined.

Once you have reached the roof’s peak, place building paper on the structure before placing another row of shingles on each side. Trim the edge of each shingle so they conform to the peak of your roof’s structure. Installing cedar shingles properly will allow air circulation underneath the wood to prevent the shingles from becoming soggy or otherwise damaged.

Longevity of a Cedar Roof Shingles

Installing cedar shingles is a long-term investment as they may last anywhere between 15 and 40 years. Their longevity depends on several factors, including climate and the roof slope. In general, a steep roof will allow less damage because the slope prevents rain and snow from gathering and causing damage to the wood. A flat, less sloping roof may allow elements to build up and cause added weight to the roofing structure. Excessive weight is not good for the structure and may cause a lot of problems, including the need to do an entire roof replacement.

Installing cedar roof shingles will give the home a natural covering, which can last for many years, tells Tutoriel Freecad  . Because wood is designed to withstand various types of weather and other natural occurrences, installing cedar roof shingles will require very little maintenance as the years continue. With age, they will develop a rustic look, which will add a touch of tradition to any home.


Determine Roof Slope

Determine Roof Slope santa rosa roofer

Determine Roof Slope   If you want to determine roof slope, it isn’t as difficult as you may think. In fact, it’s quite simple and can be done in a very short amount of time with minimal inconvenience. This is not a project that should be intimidating, even though home improvement work can sometimes be stressful. The slope of a roof is measured as the length that a roof rises vertically over a 12” horizontal distance, explains Santa Rosa Roofing. You can do this job yourself, ask a friend to help or call a roofing professional if you are not comfortable doing the work yourself.

Determine Roof Slope, But Maintain Ladder Safety

To determine roof slope, place a ladder at the side of your house so that you may easily access the down slope edge of the roof. At this point, you should be in line with the roof’s peak, which means the roof should slope up from left to right or from right to left, but not away from you. Before you begin, make sure that your ladder is secured. You will need to use both hands to determine roof slope and will not want to be distracted by a shaky ladder. This can be bothersome, but also very dangerous. When working on a ladder, make sure that it’s perfectly safe . If you have trouble with heights and do not wish to climb the ladder yourself, ask a friend to help or call a roofing professional, like Roof repair Cardiff.

How To Determine Roof Slope Accurately

Now that you’re ready to get started, it’s important to know that you will not need to be on the roof to do this, which is ideal because walking directly on the roof can be dangerous. Begin by holding a framing square onto the roofline while making sure that the long end of the “L” is pointing toward the roof’s center and the short end is pointing down toward the ground. The long end of the framing square should meet the edge of the roof at the 12” line, mentions Fonction Matlab . Level the square horizontally and read the measurement on the short end.

To determine roof slope, remember that rise is the measurement on the vertical leg while run is the 12” measurement on the horizontal line. If you are using a framing square, keep in mind that some have measurements on both edges. If that is the case with your framing square, consult the measurements on the inside edges for an accurate number. Remember that, if your roof rises 8 inches vertically for every 12 inches horizontally, then you can determine roof slope to be at 8/12.

A Few Options

If you do not have a framing square to measure roof slope, a ruler or tape measure will also work because the slope is measured based on a 12” horizontal distance. If you are using a tape measure, look for one that has a push lock. This will help avoid unnecessary problems with constantly having to pull the tape measure back out to double check the slope measurements


Ensuring you have Proper Roof Ventilation

Proper Roof Ventilation Westminster RooferEnsuring you have Proper Roof Ventilation    This doesn’t consist of either an intake or an exhaust, proper roof ventilation should comprise of both of these important elements in order to create effect air circulation in and out of your home.

Looking after your roof

A well-cared for roof lasts much longer than a roof that is left to it’s own devices, describes Westminster Roofing . By spotting problems early on you can save yourself a lot of heartache and extra cost from big problems. Your roof is responsible for taking the damage from everything that the elements can throw at it including wind, rain, sun and snow but it is also attacked by leaves, insects and other natural predators. Ineffective roofing can mean that any of these factors find their way into your attic and eventually your home and it is important you do what you can to prevent this from happening.

Small problems lead to big problems

The roof itself is one aspect of the home that is regularly overlooked by homeowners until there is an obvious leak or damage. The best way to prevent these leaks and damages is through a regular, professional maintenance check carried out by an experienced roofer on your behalf. These checks are not as expensive as you might think and problems that are spotted early can be fixed before they become worse. One such problem that you should regularly have checked is that you have proper roof ventilation and that it is working effectively.

What is proper roof ventilation?

Proper roof ventilation doesn’t consist of either an intake or an exhaust, it should comprise of both of these important elements in order to create effective air circulation in and out of your home. Not only will this protect your roof and your house but it will also help control the amount of time you use your air conditioning, thus bringing down the price of your energy bills. There are a number of ways that proper roof ventilation can be achieved and each have their advantages and disadvantages. The best choice for your roof will depend on the size and shape of the roof, and the layout of surrounding trees, wires and other objects.

Creating proper roof ventilation

In order to create it,  you adequately rotate air in and out of the house it is important to get the level of intake and expulsion just right. This should be done by a qualified professional who can work out the figures required and advise you of the best course of action, adds Modifier stl freecad . Without expert advice, you may find that you have an incorrect flow of air, which can not only mean a very hot house in summer but it can also mean a moisture build-up in your loft and eventually warped, split, cracked or generally damaged roofs.

Causes of moisture buildup in the attic

It isn’t always the fault of the weather either. Washing machines, dryers and other household appliances, as well as the occupants of the house , all create their own moisture and without proper roof ventilation this moisture will build upon the inside of your roof. With a proper roof ventilation system, negative air pressure is created that sucks the warm air out of the loft replacing it with cool fresh air from outside preventing various types of damage associated with poor ventilation systems.

Carpet cleaning Feng-Shui

Laundry Room Logistics

Laundry Room Logistics Carpet cleaning Lakeland FL

Laundry Room Logistics : all laundry rooms at one time or another have been guilty of massive piles of unsorted dirty clothes, laundry products strewn about, and a feeling of disorganization and chaos. When this feeling sets in, it can make tackling an overrun laundry room an even more difficult chore. But with some work, creativity and commitment from other family members, this room can become an organized oasis.

The first step is to develop a routine in your family

for making sure their dirty laundry is delivered to the laundry room on a routine basis. If you’ve established Wednesday and Sunday as laundry day in your home, then laundry needs to be delivered to the laundry room no later than Tuesday and Saturday nights. Each person should be taught to sort laundry into designated hampers in the laundry room, tells point fort point faible entretien . Younger children should be accompanied by a parent or older sibling when the time for this chore comes but encouraged and assisted in the sorting process.

Maintain a laundry basket or bin for each family member.

Once clothes are washed, dried, and folded, place them into each basket and deliver them to their bedrooms. Older children should be capable of putting laundry into drawers and on hangers themselves. Younger children again will probably need assistance, but their independence should be encouraged.

Make it a habit of keeping on top of the laundry supplies.

Make sure there are always plenty of soap, stain fighter, and fabric softener available. Nothing can be more aggravating than finding no laundry soap available when you have six loads to be done.
Make sure your laundry room has a separate and clearly labeled bin for items that need to be dry cleaned. Make sure that this bin is emptied as often as needed and that items are delivered and picked up from the dry cleaners promptly. Have another bin set aside for items that need to be repaired or that need buttons replaced. Tackle this bin at least twice a month so that it does not become overwhelming.

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Carpet cleaning Feng-Shui

Creative and Affordable Ideas to Bring your Living Room to Life

Creative and Affordable Ideas to Bring your Living Room to Life Carpet cleaning Lancaster PACreative and Affordable Ideas to Bring your Living Room to Life : your living room is the room in your house where most of the living takes place. It’s where your family gathers to watch television, read, and generally unwind and relax after a busy day. It’s also the room where the company gathers during parties and holidays. But you’re struggling to come up with decorating ideas and strategies for it, and you worry that your budget isn’t big enough to do the job justice. But with a little planning, creativity, and ingenuity, your living room can be a relaxing environment where you can unwind or entertain with comfort and ease.
Consider pulling pieces you have in other rooms into your living room to use. A short, double-sided dresser can easily become a buffet when a table runner and an arrangement of candles or a colorful flower centerpiece is placed on top.

Use your furniture arrangement to define functional areas.

Strategically placed floor rugs, lamps and furniture can create zones in your home. You can arrange your seating to take advantage of a focal point, such as a television, picture window or a fireplace. You can also find affordable component pieces that combine functional storage with fashionable decorating lines. Tables with drawers and shelves add valuable, and a simple desk doubles for homework, household management, bill paying and filing.

When accessorizing your room, remember that less is more.

Choose neutral colors and accent with colorful textured throws, rugs, and other decorative and artistic elements. Keep the balance of your room in perspective, adds Code Postal Toulouse . You don’t want to overwhelm a small room with large, bold pieces, nor do you want to place smaller, neutral pieces in a large room where they’ll get lost.
If you’re working with used furniture, try distracting from worn upholstery or a faded finish by using colorful toss pillows or table runners. Bright curtains can distract from a faded carpet and breathe new life into an old room.

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Gardening Landscaping

Natural Stone Pebble Projects For Every Home

Natural Stone Pebble Projects Landscaping San Jose

Natural Stone Pebble Projects For Every Home : natural stone pebbles are becoming extremely popular in homes because of their wide range of colors and uses. Here are a few ideas for use in your own home.

Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens and known for their peacefulness and tranquillity. This style of garden uses specific plants as well as rocks and water to create this effect. Often these gardens are small in scale and are incorporated into an overall garden design rather than being the whole garden.

Decorative Pots

Placing some pebbles around the top of a potted plant can make indoor plants more attractive. Consider what part of the potted plant you want to make the focus. You can use a decorative ceramic pot as well. Decide whether you want matching or contrasting colors in the pot and the pebbles you choose. The pebbles and chosen pot should help focus your eye on the plant you have chosen.


Pebbles are also very effective used in the bottom of vases. Glass vases, in particular, look superb with some colored natural stone in the bottom. The pebble base also helps hold the arranged flowers in place. Decorative vases make great table decorations for dinner parties.

Paths and Drives

Paths and drives become very low maintenance when covered with a topping of small natural stone pebbles. The pebble size you choose needs to take into account how the path or drive will be used. Heavy car traffic or foot traffic areas need smaller stones as they are more comfortable underfoot and better for cars to drive over. Gravel drives and paths should have retaining edging to hold the stones in place. Drives and paths need to be topped up with extra stone occasionally. They are very durable and much nicer looking than a plain old concrete driveway.

Water Features

It seems now that everyone wants a garden water feature. They can be very small or quite large and bold but always add an element of tranquillity to any garden. When planning a water feature you can incorporate natural stone in a variety of ways. Larger stones around the edge of the feature can add character. Pebbles can also be used to cover the base of the water feature and to cover up any cords or pumps that are used to power it. Before choosing your stone remember to wet a sample as this is how it will look in your water feature.


The same rule applies with ponds to wet your sample and check the color of the stone. Natural stone is normally dusty when collected and when the dust comes off the real color is revealed. Ponds look great with built-up edging, tells AOC Faugeres . You can use a variety of materials including feature rocks, wood, metal and many others. You can also mix and match various-sized stones for a more natural look.

Pebbles as Mulch

Mulching is something more gardeners are doing in the garden. Basically, it involves adding a layer of material over the top of your soil to aid with water retention. This means less watering which saves time and also water supplies. Not everyone has an endless supply of water or the enthusiasm to maintain lawns and pebbles are a great alternative, particularly in naturally dry areas.

Weeding in garden beds is greatly reduced. It is quite easy to pull the few weeds that attempt to grow among the pebbles. As the plants mature and fill up the planting spaces there is less room for weeds to find a place to grow.

To stop the grass from coming up through the pebble mulch paths we have found that a heavy layer of newspaper and then a layer of plastic or weed mat on top works very well. The newspapers and the plastic help to retain moisture, another important reason for mulching. On top of this plastic, the pebbles that were recently in the planting holes are spread in a thick layer. Larger flat rocks are used as edging.

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