Why and when to re-roof?

Why and when to re-roof?

Why and when to re-roof? Re-roofing involves important work. Why should you have your roof redone? When to start the work? If it is recommended to renovate a roof every 30 years, some repairs or small works can be done more often, in order to preserve the roof.

Why and when to re-roof ?

There are many reasons to re-roof and they depend specifically on your situation.

It may be necessary to re-roof when your roof has suffered significant damage, or when recurring problems cannot be solved by a simple repair.

You may also choose to re-roof to improve your quality of life, including using more environmentally friendly materials and providing better thermal insulation. Renovating your roof is also an opportunity to completely change its visual aspect and give your house a different look (in compliance with local standards), changing the tiles or gutters for example.
It also allows increasing its market value.

In any case, before you take the plunge, the re-roofing must be carefully studied according to your project, your budget and the specificities of your roof.

Why and when to re-roof? When to re-roof or renovate a roof?

It is important to check your roof at least once a year, and after each major weather event. Ask for a regular visit from a roofer depending on the age of your roof:

Every 10 years for a roof that is ten years old or less,
Every 2 years for a roof that is 20 years old,
Every year for a 40-year-old roof.

These precautions will allow you to keep your roof in good condition as long as possible, and to immediately spot the signs of a problem with your roof. Some of the signs to look for include

Checking your roof for missing tiles and slates,
Make sure there is no water seepage or leakage,
Also, watch for moss or lichen on the tiles,
Make sure that the hooks of the slates are not oxidized, that the tiles are not wavy, or that your zinc roofing is not rough. These are signs that a change is needed.

Before proceeding with the re-roofing, a specialist must examine the structure in order to propose the most appropriate solutions.

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